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"Erik Marshall is a World Class Kickboxing Champion and teaches a World Class Kickboxing Fitness Program. If you are interested in learning from the 'Real Deal' then his Kickboxing Fitness Program is the one for you!" - Tony Spain, President, The Boxing Fitness Institute


"Erik Marshall is a no-nonsense martial artist. He was one of the few instructors that was enough of a visionary to look into kettlebell training before it started to become popular. I had the opportunity to work with him and his team on that. As a kick-boxing fitness instructor, Erik is 'the man.'" - Frank DiMeo, Author, "Strength for the Streets"


"The ability to get in shape and learn some self defense is what keeps me coming year after year." - Terri Zbiegiein


"Kickboxing Fitness has allowed me to focus better in other aspects of life outside of class. The ability to concentrate better at work when it is hectic, is one example. I have also learned to keep pushing myself even when I'm unsure that I can keep going, but in the end I'm able to finish." - Chad Warner


"Erik Marshall's teaching has changed my life in many ways I never thought possible. I have really enjoyed working out, to the point that I brag at work about doing Kickboxing Fintess. I have lost alot of weight and feel so much more confident in myself. Kickboxing Fitness makes me feel good. Thanks so much for making my life better. YOU GUYS ROCK" - Andrea Zimmer


"Kickboxing Fintess has changed my life by making me do a regular routine for the past 3 months. I have lost 8lbs and built lean muscle. I will keep going even after I reach my goals. This is the only workout I really like and will keep on doing. - Amber Hanson


"Erik's program has changed my life by relieving stress and now I am competing in the ring kickboxing." - Blanca Reyes (17 years old)


"Kickboxing Fitness has changed my life: losing weight, becoming physically fit, making new friends, helping me relieve stress, getting me interested in taking care of my body and mind; it keeps me occupied and I like the friendly, family-oriented environment." - Natasha Turginov


"Since working with Erik I have lost weight, toned my muscles and increased my cardiovascular fitness. Every class is different so its always fun and never boring. The instructors make you feel at ease and make exercising fun." - Dina Lundberg, mother of 3


"Always being the FAT KID I finally decided to do something about it, and joined Erik's Kickboxing Fitness program. It is a well-mixed class of cardio, weights and punching and kicking combinations. I have lost 40 lbs in 8 months. The weight loss has changed me in all aspects of life: work, social, and personal. My energy and self-esteem have gone through the roof. It is one of the best things that has every happened to me." - Justin Simms


"Since joining Erik's program I have been in the best shape of my life." - Brian McGuire

NEW! Teach Your Clients Basic Self-Defense, with World-Champion Kickboxer and Martial Artist Erik Marshall's Simple and Effective Program

Get Certified as a Self-Defense Fitness Trainer with the Kickboxing Fitness Institute and receive a proven, money-making Self-Defense Program Marketing Manual -- ABSOLUTELY FREE.
(Details below.)


The world is a dangerous place. Here are some facts:

. One in three women and one in four men will become victim of violent crime in his or her lifetime.

. 73% of violent crime occurs within five miles of the victim's home.

. A robbery occurs every 59 seconds.

. A rape occurs every six minutes.

. One out of every 100 households will have an automobile stolen and 2% of them will be by carjacking.

. More than 35,000 children are forcibly abducted each year.

. One in 12 women are stalked at some time in their lives. Last year, nearly 1,007,000 women were stalked.

. 80% of all restraining orders attained against stalkers are violated.

What if you could help your clients and their families avoid some of these dangers, and be better prepared if they are attacked? How valuable would that make you to them?

For this reason, The Kickboxing Fitness Institute is proud to offer the NEW Self-Defense Fitness Trainer Certification Program. This is one Certification Program that markets itself - especially when we show you how to incorporate self-defense into classes, personal training, special programs for youths and women, and seminars.
About The Program's Creator

This Program was developed by Erik Marshall, who also developed our Kickboxing Fitness Trainer Certification Program. Erik is uniquely qualified to teach fitness trainers how to teach basic self-defense.

Erik has accomplished a tremendous amount as a professional kickboxer and is also a superior instructor of children and adults. He is a second degree black belt in Moodokwan, or full contact Kickboxing, and is an eight-time amateur and three-time professional Kickboxing champion (including two professional world titles and five amateur world titles).

He owns and operates Xtreme Marshall Arts, a leading training center for martial arts and fitness. He is a member of the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA), United States Kickboxing Association (USKBA), International Kickboxing Federation (IKF), World Kickboxing Organization (WKO), and Professional Kickboxing Federation (PKF).

Most importantly, Erik has created a step-by-step, simple Self-Defense Training program that you can quickly learn and teach to your clients.
About This Program

The KICKBOXING FITNESS INSTITUTE'S NEW "SELF-DEFENSE FITNESS TRAINER PROGRAM" shows you exactly how to teach basic self-defense to your clients.

With this exclusive Certification Program, you can add to your fitness training credentials in only a few weeks, and have the kind of valuable, practical knowledge that your clients crave. It's that much of an paint-by-numbers, A-B-C System.

Most importantly, with the "Self-Defense Fitness Trainer Program," you can have all this happen for you even if, right now, you don't know a thing about martial arts or self-defense. We show you exactly how to teach your clients the information they need to know.

Here's Everything You Get in The Kickboxing Fitness Institute's "Self-Defense Fitness Trainer Program"

INCLUDED -- The Kickboxing Fitness Trainer's Marketing Manual.

As an exclusive benefit of the program, you get the ultimate guide to marketing Self-Defense as a fitness trainer. Easy to read and understand, the Manual shows you exactly how to attract professionals, women, youths, and families -- step-by-step, by the numbers. It includes: pricing, marketing materials, your action plan, setting up group classes, youth programs, and more. If you can read and follow simple, very easy-to-understand directions, this Manual will make you lots of money.

INCLUDED -- The Certified Self-Defense Fitness Training Manual.
You receive everything you need to know to become a Certified Self-Defense Fitness Trainer, in step-by-step format and with 127 photos of ORDINARY PEOPLE (as opposed to black belts and seasoned combat fighters) to demonstrate correct and incorrect form and technique. You learn about 22 common self-defense situations and how to defend yourself in each. You also learn the fundamental principles for defending yourself and preventing problems before they arise.

It includes information for adults, women, and children. This is a comprehensive manual that you will refer to again and again. PLUS, we tell you EXACLTY what you need to do to train your clients.

INCLUDED -- A DVD/Video of ordinary people showing proper stance, punches, combinations, and workout routines. You get a DVD with short, easy-to-follow video clips of 22 different routines (that's about 90 minutes of video), so that you can quickly learn and teach them. This is in addition to 127 still photos showing precise technique.

INCLUDED -- One-on-one, personalized consulting. With this system, you have access to Erik Marshall's advice and guidance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ask Erik any question you have about Kickboxing Fitness via email, and he will respond personally, usually within one business day. Take advantage of Erik's knowledge of the Kickboxing Fitness market! To our knowledge, no other fitness certification program offers this level of support. (In case you are worrying that this program costs a small fortune, keep reading! It doesn't.)

INCLUDED -- Certificate documenting that you are a Kickboxing Fitness Institute Certified Self-Defense Fitness Trainer.
When you are ready, you take an online test to certify that you have completed the program and learned the material. Then you receive an exclusive ready-to-frame 8" X 11"

Certificate from the Kickboxing Fitness Institute documenting that you have mastered the material and are a Certified Self-Defense Fitness Trainer. This certification will instantly set you apart from your colleagues.

INCLUDED -- Membership in the Kickboxing Fitness Institute, and its benefits. As a member of the Institute, you receive some terrific benefits: discounts on equipment; frequent tips and updates about Kickboxing and Self-Defense Fitness; invitations to seminars on Kickboxing and Self-Defense Fitness; and support and networking with other members. PLUS: You will also receive referrals when fitness enthusiasts visit our site and contact us to find a Trainer.

... Also, as we said a minute ago, you get a Self-Defense Fitness MARKETING MANUAL that helps you instantly get started and attract clients! This Manual tells you what you need to do to get clients fast, gives you business development insights and secrets, and gives you materials that convince prospects to come to you. It is like having your own fitness marketing staff on call for you, writing marketing materials for you, putting a marketing SYSTEM to work for you -- ALL AS PART OF THIS PROGRAM!!!!

The Price is Extremely Affordable...

Because we are just launching this program, initial pricing is under $150 - and we even let you pay in three convenient monthly installments. Your exact price is $142.50, payable in only three monthly installments of just $47.50.

Here's some more of what's included with this remarkable Program:

1. A person's most vulnerable body points. Even a child can use the vulnerable points on an attacker's body to break free and run for help. Everyone should know these parts of the body, and how to strike them for maximum impact.

2. How to "shock" your attacker to free yourself and get away. There are simple ways to shock and attacker to distract him and escape. You need to know these techniques and be able to use them to your advantage.
3. Get out of the wrist grab. Learn to escape when an attacker grabs your wrist, from the same or opposite side.
4. What to do if someone tries to choke you. You can escape if an attacker tries to choke you. Learn how, and teach your clients this important knowledge.

5. Instructions if someone grabs your shirt.
If a bully or attacker grabs your shirt or blouse, know how to get them off you.

6. Avoiding the ATM ambush. What do you do if someone grabs you from behind at an ATM? Erik’s Program shows you the steps to take.

7. Car jacking. When you are in your car and someone jumps in and threatens your life, you need to handle the situation with extreme caution. Learn Erik’s advice about how to make the best of a very difficult situation.
8. Reduce the risks of purse snatching. Learn how to hold your purse for maximum safety, and what to do when a criminal grabs for it.

9. Handle annoying “bar flies.” Unfortunately, there are still many annoying men at bars. Learn two very effective ways to handle the persistent, unrelenting guy who crosses the line.

10. Advice for young children. Young children need to know what to do if someone tries to grab them or lead them away. Crying “Mommy” or “Daddy” is not effective. Learn what really works.

11. Advice for Teens. Simply by changing the way they walk in public, teenagers (and many adults) can be less vulnerable to an attack.

12. Dealing with the school yard bully. Do you or your children know how to handle the school yard bully who pushes and shoves - without responding in a way that will get them in trouble?
13. The “sprawl.” This powerful yet simple technique can diffuse an attacker who rushes your mid-section or legs.

14. The bear hug or choke from behind. There are simple ways for even a three-year old to handle being grabbed from behind in the “bear hug.”

15. Advanced “on ground” situation. For extreme cases when you are on the ground and the attacker is on top of you, we show one advanced technique to buy some time and hopefully escape.

16. How to incorporate self-defense into your current offerings. It is easy to make self-defense training part of your current programs. We give you guidance so that you can get visible and increase your revenues quickly and effectively.

17. Dozens of fill-in-the-blank, easy-to-use tools and templates. The program guides you step-by-step through everything you need to do to attract Kickboxing Fitness clients and then delight them. That way, you get results, without guessing or having to repeat mistakes.

AND, with the Program, you also get personal one-on-one consulting with a world champion Martial Artist (Erik Marshall), a marketing manual, Video clips showing step-by-step instruction, a Certificate, and Charter Membership in the rapidly growing Kickboxing Fitness Institute.

Please read these important points:

Remember -- if anything, ANYTHING AT ALL -- is not covered in this System, you can contact Erik Marshall anytime with your questions. He will personally respond to your email within one business day.

This program is more than just a book that you read to learn the basic facts. It is a complete system for acquiring and teaching self-defense fitness skills, a tool-box of ready-to-use workouts, strategies, video instruction, actual examples and personalized support. The tools are there for you, whenever you need them, so that you can better serve your clients while at the same time raising your level of income.

Here are the details -- when you sign up, we will immediately get you access to your Marketing and Training Manuals, including your videos. We will also activate your membership in the Kickboxing Fitness Institute. We will give you Erik’s private email address to contact him directly for advice and guidance. When you are ready, you will take your Certification Test online and, when you pass, you will receive your Certificate (if you don't pass, you can take the test again, but the program is set up to help you succeed the first time; there are NO extra charges to take or retake your test or receive your Certificate).

It's that easy and simple.

Think again about everything you're getting when you become a Kickboxing Fitness Institute Certified Self-Defense Fitness Trainer:

:: A FREE Marketing Manual that shows you step-by-step how to grow   your revenues with Self-Defense Training. It is broken out into   simple steps that show you EXACTLY what you need to do to market   your services and make more money.

:: The Self-Defense Fitness Training Manual which gives you   everything you need to know to become a Certified Self-Defense   Fitness Trainer, in step-by-step format and with 127 photos of   ORDINARY PEOPLE to demonstrate right and wrong form and   technique.

:: 22 VIDEO clips which show you different self-defense   situations,in both slow and real speed.These video clips make it   easy for you to learn and teach the material.

:: Personalized one-on-one coaching and consulting. Ask any   question about self-defense situations, anytime. Erik Marshall   will get back to you with a personal response within one   business day. For many trainers, this is the MOST VALUABLE part   of the Certificate program. You get access to a world champion   kickboxer and martial artist whenever you need him.

:: A Certificate attesting to your status as a Kickboxing Fitness   Institute Certified Self-Defense Fitness Trainer that will get   your prospects’ and clients’ attention.

::  Membership in the Kickboxing Fitness Institute, which gets you   discounts on equipment, exclusive access to educational   seminars, referrals to fitness clients, and networking with   other Certified Fitness trainers.

What To Do Now, While This Remarkable TURNKEY Fitness Certification Program is Still Available At These Prices

It's simple. Click any of the red buttons on this page to get Certified now.

As soon as you do, we'll immediately get you access to your manuals and videos, activate your Membership in the Kickboxing Fitness Institute, and get you Erik's personal email information to reach him anytime.

If You Order Now, You Get These TWO FREE BONUSES:

To encourage you to take just a few minutes RIGHT NOW to Order Online, we'll send you these two FREE BONUSES:

FREE BONUS #1: The Special Report "Kick-Start Your Fitness Practice." Every fitness trainer hits a rut once in a while. And professionals new to the business need to know how to get clients fast. This special report tells you exactly what you have to do -- a little or no cost -- to get new clients fast and get your business on track (a $39 value).

FREE BONUS #2: Press release announcing your Certification. Register now and we will write a personalized press release announcing your Certification. You can send out this press release to your local newspapers and media and get instant exposure to your gym or personal training practice. This release alone could get you enough clients to pay back your investment in the program within days (a $100 value).

Total value of these free bonuses is $139.

There's just no reason NOT to become certified as a Kickboxing Fitness Trainer. You get one-on-one coaching, all the materials you need to get started, a marketing manual, and a certificate.

This is a simple program that ANYONE can learn and teach. It is easy to add to your gym or fitness program.

Most importantly, you may help someone avoid or get out of a dangerous situation. We can't promise that these techniques cover every situation, or that they are "magic" and work all the time, but they sure are better than not having any knowledge or skill in our dangerous world.


Andrew Neitlich
Program Administrator
The Kickboxing Fitness Institute

P.S. Don't forget that there are multiple ways to make money teaching basic Self-Defense, and we show you how. These include not only private and group training, but a variety of classes, youth programs, programs for college students, safety fairs, and programs for women.